For many years now there has been a separation in the 4×4 “club scene” between off roaders and/or racers, the street runners/show rigs, and they daily drivers/stock rigs.

The funny part about this separation is, there is a billion dollar industry of aftermarket parts that many from all sides of the equation seek out and purchase to modify their vehicles.

Clearly the vendors know they can sell to all, so why is it we choose to belong to clubs or groups that rarely include all interests? Simply because that’s how they’re offered.


RattleSnake 4x4s intention is to break that mold. Some may think this odd, but we have seen both the differences and similarities in our own rigs over the years, as well as many others. So why not blur the lines and be different? Our belief is that the proverbial sandbox is big enough for all of us to play in, besides we’re all buying the same or very similar parts.

By coming together in perhaps the first group of this type in the northwest, maybe the country, each of the factions can learn something from each other in build styles, technical info, research, etc. Not to mention the opportunity to wear the other guy’s hat, or try something out of your comfort zone with your own rig. Be that show and shine, or playing off road, coming together creates possibilities not previously available in other clubs/groups.

This also allows a possibility of a larger and stronger group, which in time will create additional opportunities within and beyond our local community. Opportunities to help others enjoy our sport or hobby, volunteer services, that help the community and group alike. If this sound like something that interests you, browse our site and forums and share with others who might have similar interests. Let’s come together and create something new, fun, and exciting…