2017 has been an ultra busy year that hasn’t allowed much downtime. Our members and guests like ourselves have been busy with life events, political, personal, financial and vehicle issues to name a few. Because everybody, including yours truly has been so busy there’s been little time to keep up with the information about our club. Having had recent ankle surgery, has given me a break to take on this task, and hopefully build some informative club momentum back up.

What's Happening?A lot is has happened over the year, and is happening right now in the club. I’ve taken some time (because I’m homebound thanks to a cast) to do some updating to our Instagram page, adding some photos for last year, as well as a few from this year with more to come. Take a moment to check it out. https://www.instagram.com/RattleSnake4x4s/


Members and guests will see some new posts in our forum that tell about many things including the club’s proposed direction in the coming year, as well as meeting minutes from our last meeting. Knowing that our many guests can’t see official minutes we added a post that highlights some of the items discussed here – https://www.rattlesnake4x4s.com/nu4um/viewtopic.php?f=16&p=781#p781


I encourage you to take a peek and maybe become a forum and/or club member. We always enjoy meeting new folks that share our hobby/sport, and hope to be a force in carrying the enthusiasm forward to the next  and future generations, and we invite you to be a part of that as well. Incidentally, if you’re looking for photo galleries, I’d suggest looking at the Projects, Builds & Tech Talk area where you’ll see some interesting builds of some of our club members’ rigs.

Please follow the links and get more informed about who and what RattleSnake 4x4s is and how we fit in this community.



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