Web Wheelin’

So what do ya do when the weather’s not great, you have cast on your leg, and can’t do much work or play, and all your friends are at work?

You go web wheelin’…


I’ve done a fair bit of off roading, and Julia our 2007 Jeep Wrangler Saharicon, has both the mileage, dents and dings to prove it. She’s carried us all over the Pacific Northwest, ran the famed Rubicon Trail, and has seen Moab Easter Jeep Safari twice. One of the many things yet to see in person for both our Julia and me is a race held in Johnson Valley, CA called the King of the Hammers.

Today while web wheelin’ I came across this awesome video of a team (Desert Turtle Racing) that were like many of the folks in our club, everyday wheelers (off-roaders if you will), but these guys had dreamed of not only seing the race but jumped in with both feet and decided to enter and race. Check out their “movie” below, but grab a snack first it’s an actual 80 minute movie…


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