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Use of our forums is free, but you’ll need to register before you can interact with other forum members. Club members have an additional Members Only section. There is a lot of good information on our forums that are growing daily, so get registered and join in.

You can now apply to be a member online, by filling in the form below. No more waiting for our monthly meetings to get an application and sign up. Simply fill out the form below, then you can go to our online store and pay your dues and we’ll change your status to Club Member.

By becoming a member you’ll also become a member of the Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association (PNW4WDA), and our members enjoy local discounts on products and services of our preferred vendors, listed on our forum. So if you’re ready to join the most talked about new 4×4 club in the area fill out the form below.

Don’t forget to read the Bylaws before hand, so you know what you’re agreeing to and check the box…

Membership Application And Agreement


    Your Name (required)

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    City (required) State (required) Zip (required)

    Age (21-95)

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    Special Equipment/Additional Rigs (engine type, winch, tires, lockers, etc)




    *Please select the appropriate pronouns for the section below:*

    (We/I) hereby apply for membership in RattleSnake 4x4s for (ourselves/myself) and (our/my) family.

    (We/I) have read the by-laws and certify that (we/I) own the above described vehicle which meets the standards of the corporation for recreational use.

    (We/I) do hereby agree to abide by the by-laws of this corporation.

    (We/I) agree to abide by and follow the instructions of properly appointed officers of the corporation on corporation sponsored events and activities.

    (We/I) understand that RattleSnake 4x4s and its officers acting in the capacity of their office shall in no way be held legally liable for any injury or damages sustained by (ourselves/myself) or (our/my) family resulting from activities sponsored by said corporation, this to include all unknown and unanticipated injuries and damage resulting from said activities now and in the future.

    (We/l) understand that (we/I) may withdraw from any activity or any phase of any activity which (we/I) may deem to be overly dangerous to (ourselves/myself).

    (We/I) further understand that the corporation shall in no way be held legally liable for the individual and personal actions of its members not a direct result of any event or activity sponsored by said corporation.

    (We/I) Agree to the above conditions

    (Check indicates agreement - Required) Check for acceptance

    Initials Date

    Upon completion of Membership form (Don’t forget to check the Agreement box), please go to the Member’s Store and pay your dues.

    What are you waiting for?

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