RS 4x4s Bylaws-2



Section 1.

Owners of four-wheel drive Mid and Full Sized vehicles with a transfer case are eligible for membership in the RattleSnake 4x4s. Proper licensing and or modifications to any vehicle to be street legal is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator, RattleSnake 4x4s will have no responsibility should a vehicle’s legality be questioned, and will refer back to the owner/operator.

Section 2. Each membership is for one (1) family unit, children in the member’s family are considered Honorary Members until the age of twenty-one (21), however, voting power is restricted to those family members’ twenty-one (21) years of age or over, and family membership is limited to a maximum of two (2) adult votes. Associate/Probationary Members cannot vote nor do they have the right to run for office.

(a) Probationary Membership may be considered for those candidates at least 18 and less than 21 years old with a vehicle in good repair, good attitude, and personality that fits into the club. Probation shall be for one year, during which time candidates shall attend as many meetings and events as possible to allow the club to get to know them. Probationary members cannot vote nor do they have the right to run for office however, they can participate in discussions held in meetings, and other club events. Dues for Probationary Members will be as follows in Section 6.

(1) Any infractions within this probationary year may be grounds for immediate dismissal at the hands of the Executive Board, as the reputation and values of the club will be protected.

(2) Upon completing their probation, the Executive Board will vote and return results to the candidate privately, and members at the next meeting. This will be the only way a person under age 21 can apply for membership and become a full fledged/voting member.

(b) Applicants for membership must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age (exceptions may be made by decision of the Executive Board, or as noted above), must hold a valid driver’s license and must show minimum insurance coverage on their vehicle. If vehicle is not street legal and not used on the street, then there is no minimum insurance requirement.

(c) Applications for membership shall be accepted at each regular meeting (or online), reviewed, and decided upon by the next regular meeting by the Executive Board.

Section 3. All membership applications are subject to review by the Executive Board. The Executive Board reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone for good cause. Should the Executive Board deny membership to an applicant, a club member may appeal to the Board on the applicant’s behalf at the next scheduled Board Meeting. In the case of a non-unanimous vote on appeal, the application will be presented to the membership for vote at the next scheduled meeting.

Section 4. All club members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of club activities. Any member disgracing himself in the public eye will be immediately subject to expulsion from the club, subject to a decision by the Executive Board.

Section 5. In addition to active voting members of this corporation, there shall be an Associate non-voting membership; who, after having been an active member in good standing for a minimum of 10 consecutive years has cause to retire from active membership. Active members with tenures of less than 10 years may be considered for Associate status in special circumstances provided that the spirit of this rule as outlined in the note below is adhered to.

(a) Associate members must be passed by vote of the Executive Board. If three or more “No” votes are casts, associate membership is denied. Voting will be done by secret ballot. An Associate member shall have all the rights and privileges of regular RS 4x4s  members with the exception of Voting Rights and the ability to hold a Club Officer position, and allowed to display the official emblem of the corporation.

(b) [Note: The “Spirit” of this rule is to encourage continued social involvement from members in good standing that cannot or choose not to participate as a voting and active member of the club based on life circumstances including but not limited to health, retirement, relocation or other change that results in a “backing off” from active involvement in club sponsored events and runs. Members considered for associate status are those that were once considered keystone members. It is an honor to be considered an associate of the RS 4x4s.]

(c) Membership terms will be for a 1 year, and renewed in accordance with regular club memberships.

Section 6. Dues for this organization shall be $30 RS 4x4s,+ $10 Blue Ribbon Coalition + $20 Tread Lightly = $60 per family membership, for an individual membership, or for an associate membership per year, payable within one (1) month of application or by November 30th in case of renewal.

(a) New memberships created in the last quarter (Oct-Dec) of the year will be bumped to the next calendar year starting in January, so that tracking of dues is the same for all members.

Section 7. Members will be dropped for failure to pay dues. Nothing herein contained shall prevent reinstatement of the delinquent member upon payment in full of his/her unpaid dues.

(a) Members shall immediately notify the Secretary upon a change of address, mailing address or telephone number.

Section 8. Resignation of any member shall be in writing and submitted to the Secretary.

Section 9. The Executive Board may grandfather existing members even if they no longer own a 4×4 vehicle.