Hey Everybody!

The next club run will be to Rimrock we have a nice meadow we camp (dry camping) in about 3 miles up the 1202 road. Actual trails have yet to be determined but will be based upon who attends. This will be a more challenging run for drivers than recent trips to Naches/Manashtash. But we’ll get you through it. You can expect an awesome time in the mountains with awesome views, great trails, and fun camping!

This area is my favorite local area to run because it offers some excellent trails with challenges that are fun and build skills that can help enthusiasts going to the Rubicon or Moab. Mandi & I hope you’ll join us for the weekend of fun. I’ll update the plan as we get closer, but the basics will be depart Friday after work and set-up camp. Campfires will be subject to currents restrictions/advice. We will plan on wheeling both Sat (9-6 ish) & Sun (9-4 ish). We can’t wait and hope the RattleSnake 4x4s will make another show of force in Rimrock.

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