After some discussion at last meeting about creating a less Jeepy sticker, the PhotoShop gurus put their heads together and created yet another club sticker, that is less conspicuous, and most importantly is sans Rocks or Jeeps. So if you’re a club member who has been waiting to show your club pride, check out this new offering and order up we have a few of these in each color on hand and ready to go.

 Much like the Windshield Banners, these are available in a number of colors, but currently only in the 4 Inch size. Colors that are currently available are Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Pink.

Member’s can get them online at our member’s store. Colors other than those offered can be special ordered, but with the given rainbow, we can’t imagine what you might come up with. Get ’em while their available!