club meeting

Alrighty, folks we’re starting our meetings for everyone to come out meet us, join us as either a forum member or full blown club member. Our meetings will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Hopefully by picking an off week and day we’ll have awesome attendance.

Now the tricky part, we’ve yet to secure a meeting site. If you happen to know of a great spot that 20 or more folks can meet, preferably a restaurant that serves food and adult bevies, we’d be obliged if you might share that info with us either at, by commenting here, on Facebook, or finally on our forum. Note you’ll need to register to comment on the forum, but it’s free, plus there’s some great information up there to peruse.

We look forward to hearing back from, many or all of you, as well as seeing you at our first meeting, location 6:30 pm @ RF McDougall’s, in Richland.

RattleSnake 4x4s