Hover Meet & Greet Run – Come out and meet us!

Years past in nicer weather, overlooking the Columbia River. Hover OHV sets in the SE corner of Benton County, with Finley being the closest town.

We’ll meet tomorrow at Home Depot in Kennewick at 9:30, then leave from there out to Hover. 

When we get there, we’ll take a few minutes get our rigs ready for the trails (air down, disconnect sway bars, check gas), you don’t have to air down your tires out there for the trails, but I like the smoother ride and being ready for obstacle that i decide to tackle.
Remember you can always watch on those areas and go around. We will have a quick drivers meeting to introduce each other, we’ll discuss the tentative plan for the day, where we go and who leads and who brings up the rear.

It will be fun.

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