Forums – Love Them Or Not?

I’ve heard the stories of forums dying for many reasons, but I believe the biggest factor is the learning curve. Let’s face it wandering the interwebz can be overwhelming but most website are pretty simple to maneuver in and out like this one simple. Yet venture into a forum and it’s a whole different story, easily overwhelmed most just avoid them. Thinking about this and knowing how useful forums have been in my 6 year journey building my Jeep, I took some time to try and demystify our RattleSnake 4×4 forums

Our forums, may not have everything everybody needs (yet), but can and at some point I hope will. The forums are a fantastic tool that can catalog info for later recall that social media pages just can’t short of an album one of the leading social media sites posts get lost because of stacking. Sure you can search but because of their depth, they fail at becoming a resource for semi-immediate recall. Forums on the other hand  offer cataloging. Our forums currently have over 750 posts in a number of topics about our club and sport, but I’ll acknowledge that a person can easily get uncomfortable trying to find their way.

So I created some (hopefully) easy to follow “How Tos” to get folks better acquainted with our forums, check them out and become part of the conversation(s) within. Your posts, and questions can help others learn about our sport, rig specific mods, etc. Not to mention the volume of info in one place, I hope to make our forums a fun place to share wisdom, and other info with others.

Please check out the new “HOW TO” material and let us know how we’re doing!