Sunday July 30th: 

Driving ( Brigham City, UT to Tri Cities, WA) (9hrs, 572 mi) (Home!!)

We did it we were up and rolling by 7ish, and I think all of us were ready to just be home. Mandi & I missed our dogs we left with a sitter, and honestly we were all pretty beat from runnin’ and gunnin’ the last day or so. Over/Rock Landing is way easier on the mind than highways… Must be the lack of traffic?

We jumped on I-80 northbound and made a blitz for Twin Falls, ID. But pulled off near Rupert as I had acquired a strange vibration. So while the other took advantage of the facilities aka Highway Oasis (that were under construction), I check lugs, u-joint’s and equalized my tire pressures before pressing on.

I recall getting better mileage as we were targeting Mt Home, ID for the next fuel stop, and the weird vibration had gone away. We hit Mt Home and fueled and grabbed lunch at Wingers, and then put in the longest 2-3 hours, into Ontario, OR for a quick fuel and go. We were getting closer to home and everybody was getting anxious to be done, next stop La Grande.

We hit the Truckstop on the East side of La Grande, to avoid all the country traffic in the main exit. Fueled up and rolled on through 3 hours later we were parting way via radio at Exit 114 on Hwy 182 as Mandi & I pulled off and made the final 5 mile dash to the house here in Kennewick.


The trip although long and hot was a success, my supercharger install performed very well although I’m still getting used to the weak peddle might need to look at option there as my Diablo computer has settings to make the pedal feel better, but it doesn’t play well with the supercharger tune as all it does is dump extra fuel. I also need to find a better cooling solution, if I want to enjoy windows up AC on trips in the summer. With triple digit temps use of the AC while climbing grades is a no go.

As usual with all our Colorado trips, it was awesome, and yes it begs for a return, but after hitting the state for three consecutive years, we’ll be looking at other options for our clubs’ out of state trip for the next couple of years.

Thanks for riding along!

Our Route: