Sunday July 23rd: 

Driving/Overlanding: Brigham City, UT to Meeker, CO (~8 hrs, 380-402 mi) Camping Sleepy Cat Camp (Disbursed 10,000’)

So we got a late start, which would end the day with another late finish. We had decided to take a route that we hadn’t run before to a little town called Meeker CO it took us all day to get there.

I slowed our roll going into Park City, UT as my temps were beyond extreme and I needed to cool my engine & tranny temps before I could crest the pass. To say this had me a little worried would be an under statement, but after a cool down I was able to get Julia over the hill. We enjoyed some interesting scenery, passing through Vernal, UT and Dinosaur, CO. 

From there we meandered our way through Rangely, CO and on into Meeker, grabbing dinner at the only place open in town the Meeker Cafe. With our bellies  and tanks refilled we set out to find our camping site for the evening – a place called Sleepy Cat Camp, setting at 10,000ft.

We thought based on our research that getting into camp would be fairly simple, as the first 20 miles from Meeker was paved (WTH?) we were anticipating a graded gravel road, but once we turned off towards camp, the sun had fallen behind the mountains and we found ourselves Rock Landing, literally crawling up a fairly challenging trail and found and set up camp somewhere close to midnight, right on the edge of a cliff.

The place appeared to be a hunting camp, right at the top of the mountain. Maybe tomorrow we’d find the well oiled/graded gravel road we had heard about. I mean we’re supposed to be overlanding, right? More like Rocklanding tonite…

Our Route: