Membership Meeting – BBQ & Pool Party

RS 4x4s 7/18/2017 Meeting will be held at the Greenwood’s house, the venue is pot-luck (bring eats & drinks, and your swim suits. There will be a presentation by Service Peace Warriors a local charity group, as well as discussion of local 4×4 events that folks may have participated in. Members and guests are welcome…

Follow link for more info!

Officer Nominations – Nov Meeting

All club members that are available need to try and make our next meeting, 11/22/16 @ The Country Gentleman. 

We will be taking nominations, and possibly voting for our next years’ club officers. Once that has happened we will ask for volunteers for club delegate and alternate(s), who can attend the regions meetings and share what our club is doing, and return the regional info to the membership via this forum.

We will be splitting the Secretary/Treasurer position out into a Secretary and Treasurer positions, so we will be looking for nominations for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. So please come with any nominations you may have. If you are newer or don’t know many others please go look at people’s profiles to get an idea who they are and what they drive. Nominations must be accepted by the nominee in order to be voted in.

Grand Opening of What?

The biggest event in my 23+ years in the Tri-Cities…..

The Grand Opening Of A 4×4 Shop & Store :o

This Saturday July 16th Black Diamond 4×4 opens their doors. Now this isn’t just a shop opening this shop and store is the by product of many of our members. So please make the effort to show support for our fellow club members and their new store.

We’ll see you at Black Diamond 4×4, 4207 W Clearwater Avenue, in Kennewick between 9am & 6 pm tomorrow!


Milestones we’ve reached with our forums to date:

100 topics

300 posts 

32 forum users


All in just a little over a month, keep up the good work people, and let’s keep moving that line and reaching for more!


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