Moses Lake Sand Dunes 4-30-22

Moses Lake Sand Dunes 4-30-22

We met up last weekend (April 30th, 2022) at the Mercantile north of Pasco a total of 5 rigs and aimed for Moses Lake Sand Dunes.

Actually, we went straight to Sporties for lunch then with bellies full we drove out to the dunes. The plan was to camp, but unfortunately on in our group cancelled at the last minute and we had 3 of our newest members with me as the lead.

Anyway, we played in the sand, Mandi & I took some in cab video, didn’t get any outside shots. We were back to pavement by late afternoon, and were headed back home.

The funny part was one of our new members got his video out and it reminded me that I have a year of video footage to catch up on. So I’ll tag his video, and share a link to last years trip video I just got edited and post some pics that we got also…


Eric’s Video

Stills – Taken by Mandi

Last Year’s Run Video


Juniper Dunes 2-6-21

Juniper Dunes 2-6-21

We met up over the weekend (2-6-21) at Kahlotus Korners to fuel up with about 6 rigs to head out to Juniper Dunes. My first time over the new road, some of group stayed overnight out in Smith Canyon, so 3 more rigs were found on arrival. After an air down and quick drivers meeting we were off for a day (4 hours) in the sand. The temps were low, it was sunny for the first part of the day, then cloudy later. But the wind was redonkulous!

Anyway, we played in the sand, I took some in cab video, not realizing my mic was off, so you get to follow along with a stock music track to help get you through. Hopefully others will add some pics and vids in comments. We were back to pavement by mid afternoon, as some of us were hoping to get back and catch some KOH updates. Enjoy!