Chinaman’s Gulch Videos

Chinaman’s Gulch Videos

Since I’m not yet sure how many parts this will end up, I’m creating a post for these videos separate from the run report.

So stay tuned and revisit often to view all of the series here. Oh and yes they’re shorter that the Holy Cross video…


Part 1 Direct Link

This part covers from 8-9ish in the morning, from Front & tail cameras in 2 rigs.


Part 2 Direct Link

Change up, while this get us from 9-10 in the morning, I apparently didn’t film, so you’ll only see video from Mandi’s cams.


Part 3 Direct Link

Here we go from 10-11 in the morning, The audio was corrupted so more tunes to enjoy!


Part 4 Direct Link

Here we go from 11 – 1  in the afternoon, Due to lack of audio, more ‘NEW’ tunes to enjoy!


Part 5 Direct Link

A bit longer, but when you crunch a two hours of recorded/driving time, you get a longer clip. Additionally, I was able to include some actual audio from the day here for more depth, and filled in voids with ‘NEW’ tunes for you enjoyment.


Part 6 Direct Link

The final installment of the series. We finally got off this hill, the trail proved challenging, especially the JLUs with 35s, but everyone made it out. The audio was scrapped in favor of tunes as there was little comms at this point, just motor sounds.

Colorado Part Deux!

Colorado Part Deux!

Colorado Second Year In A Row!

The crew decided our first camp would be  at Gunnison KOA,  Some of us got the pleasure of wheeling all the trails listed, while Lance & Mandi missed a couple due to a mishap on the way, but they got fixed and joined us for the rest of the trails. We all got to wheel Chinaman’s Gulch, and due to a weather set back, a few of us got to wheel Holy Cross Sunday after the weather had passed, while Mandi, Karen, Rick & Linda needed to head back on Saturday.

The images below will link to facebook albums…


2022 Colorado Trip So Far…

Day 1: Italian Creek/Reno Divide
Day 2: Pearl Pass/Taylor Pass

On tap: Chinaman Gulch & Holy Cross

Day 3: Chinaman Gulch
Wow, what a trial!! Steep ledges, large boulders, tight twisting sections through the trees with lots of rocks and minor obstacles to keep you focused the entire time. We attempted this trail on a wet and rainy day which made the rocks extra slippery but kept the dust down. I would recommend this trail to all experienced drivers with modified rigs. Definitely not for the faint of hart or inexperienced. Not sure how this isn’t a jeep badge of honor trail. We definitely had a blast!

VIDEOS of Chinaman’s Gulch

Day 4: Down Day
Around Buena Vista while the torrential rains past.

Day 5: Holy Cross

This trail had to wait an extra day due to weather, and some of our crew had to head home as we extended an extra day to accomplish it, before running home ourselves (plus any other random pics I could steal from peoples FB). We ended up dubbing this the Oreilly’s Parts Tour, as we had many stops and break downs on our trip. We also had a few videos we’ll try and add later. For now you’ll have to settle for this:


Holy Cross Highlights UP Video

Direct Video Link

Oregon BDR – Memorial Day Weekend ’22

Oregon BDR – Memorial Day Weekend ’22

So we decided to tackle the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route (BDR). Knowing the winter had not yet left us, we decided to not start our trip in Walla Walla, but istead middle jump into the trail off I-84 up on Cabbage Pass. It was rainy and drippy, and lower to mid 40s.

We found our way to our exit, and proceeded south on the Oregon BDR. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of maps available, so we were winging it with Gaia GPS maps we “found” online. This would soon lead us into some tight spots as these maps were not actually made by wheelers, but bikers…

Luckily, using Gaia allowed us to work around some problem areas and helped us find a camping site, little did we know the forecast had changed dramatically (Mandi knew – but nobody listened), and we awoken to snow covered tents and cold kids.

Few of us were prepped for snow running, causing a dispersal near Ukiah, OR with everybody heading home up Hwy 395. Mandi & I wanted more adventure and headed back to a trail we saw coming into Ukiah, that would get us over the mountain on dirt (er, snow), and it turned out to be quite the fun run. Still we made it home by late evening, as everyone else had beaten us by hours…

The image below will link to Mandi’s facebook album…


Web Wheelin’

Web Wheelin’

So what do ya do when the weather’s not great, you have cast on your leg, and can’t do much work or play, and all your friends are at work?

You go web wheelin’…


I’ve done a fair bit of off roading, and Julia our 2007 Jeep Wrangler Saharicon, has both the mileage, dents and dings to prove it. She’s carried us all over the Pacific Northwest, ran the famed Rubicon Trail, and has seen Moab Easter Jeep Safari twice. One of the many things yet to see in person for both our Julia and me is a race held in Johnson Valley, CA called the King of the Hammers.

Today while web wheelin’ I came across this awesome video of a team (Desert Turtle Racing) that were like many of the folks in our club, everyday wheelers (off-roaders if you will), but these guys had dreamed of not only seing the race but jumped in with both feet and decided to enter and race. Check out their “movie” below, but grab a snack first it’s an actual 80 minute movie…


Rimrock Run 8/5-7

Hey Everybody!

The next club run will be to Rimrock we have a nice meadow we camp (dry camping) in about 3 miles up the 1202 road. Actual trails have yet to be determined but will be based upon who attends. This will be a more challenging run for drivers than recent trips to Naches/Manashtash. But we’ll get you through it. You can expect an awesome time in the mountains with awesome views, great trails, and fun camping!

This area is my favorite local area to run because it offers some excellent trails with challenges that are fun and build skills that can help enthusiasts going to the Rubicon or Moab. Mandi & I hope you’ll join us for the weekend of fun. I’ll update the plan as we get closer, but the basics will be depart Friday after work and set-up camp. Campfires will be subject to currents restrictions/advice. We will plan on wheeling both Sat (9-6 ish) & Sun (9-4 ish). We can’t wait and hope the RattleSnake 4x4s will make another show of force in Rimrock.