Jan 28th Snow Run – Cowiche Mill Road

Jan 28, 2018 – Snow Run – Cowiche Mill Road

Hey Gang,

Our mountains are getting lots of the white powder we all love to play in. RattleSnake 4x4s will be running up Cowiche Mill Road, this trail ties into FS 1302 on top, and should have enough snow to make it a challenge and a lot of fun (we hope to make it to the top). If you plan to join us we ask that you chime in on our forums or facebook pages so we have an idea of who to expect for this day run.

The main group will be meeting up at 7:00 am at the Exxon 12231 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick, WA 99338 (I-82 & Badger Rd). Get gas’d, coffee’d, and breakfast’d up and we’ll roll out by 7:30.

We’ll be traveling via I-82 up to Yakima Fred Meyers (N 40th Ave) for final fueling, (about 9:00 am) then head up to the upper parking area at 2800 Cowiche Mill Rd, Cowiche, WA 98923 (Cowiche Feeding Station), to drop tow pigs and air down, and then head up the  trail.

What We Recommend

A vehicle in good repair, 32″+  Tires (we expect deep powder, so the bigger the better), Tow Points  (front & rear), MapWinch, Tow Strap(s), D-Rings, First Aid Kit, Chainsaw, and a Shovel. If you pack for a weekend, you’ll be safe!

This is a snow run so it is not hard core rock crawling, it does not lend itself to much in the way of damage. The snow is deep though, so be prepared for some winching and pulling with a yank strap (we will get stuck). It’s a ton of fun, and a real blast for most 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Again bring extra food (lunch) and water (we never know how long we’ll be up there). We will eat lunch up on the trail. Be sure to have extraction points front an rear. A yank strap (no hooks, just loops please!). A winch is not absolutely necessary, but is helpful for you and others. Please have a shovel, and basic recovery tools. Bring blankets/extra clothes, extra water and food, and a cellphone. A CB radio is helpful, we usually run on CH13 (I’ll also have my handheld vhf/uhf radio).

“Be Prepared, Bring A Great Attitude, and Let’s Have Fun”  (Club rule – No Drama Allowed…)

See ya Sunday!

Jan 28th Snow Run - Cowiche Mill RoadJan 28th Snow Run - Cowiche Mill Road

Web Wheelin’

Web Wheelin’

So what do ya do when the weather’s not great, you have cast on your leg, and can’t do much work or play, and all your friends are at work?

You go web wheelin’…


I’ve done a fair bit of off roading, and Julia our 2007 Jeep Wrangler Saharicon, has both the mileage, dents and dings to prove it. She’s carried us all over the Pacific Northwest, ran the famed Rubicon Trail, and has seen Moab Easter Jeep Safari twice. One of the many things yet to see in person for both our Julia and me is a race held in Johnson Valley, CA called the King of the Hammers.

Today while web wheelin’ I came across this awesome video of a team (Desert Turtle Racing) that were like many of the folks in our club, everyday wheelers (off-roaders if you will), but these guys had dreamed of not only seing the race but jumped in with both feet and decided to enter and race. Check out their “movie” below, but grab a snack first it’s an actual 80 minute movie…


Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2017!

RattleSnake 4x4s is welcoming it’s second year in with a bang! Major events for this coming year include a trip in April the the infamous Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Ut, and a July local trip to Trail Jamboree here in the Cascades. We are also scheduled to attend the PNW4WDA’s Winter Convention in February (10-12) in Bothell, WA. As well as trips throughout the year to local favorites Rimrock, Manashtash, Juniper, Darland Mt., etc.

Look for a possible impromptu run to FS 1302 the second weekend of this month providing the President’s rig gets finished with his upgrades. We hope all members and friends get a chance to come out and check us out this year, we’re always looking for new friends/members to share our sport with!

Here’s a look at past events we’ll be revisiting in the coming year…

Forest Service 1302 Run

Possibly Jan 14th 2017?

Darland Mountain

May 5-7, 2017

Moab EJS

April 6-17, 2017


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