Fall Farm & Country Fall Rally 2023

Fall Farm & Country Fall Rally 2023

The Basics:

Our club has decided to put on an event to further help the Hawaiian Fire victims. We came up with a fun way to get people together around a vehicle event with a positive focus of sharing our love of vehicles/driving, and helping folks less fortunate. Our hope is to encourage folks to join in on our first of such events, and to raise some funds for the folks over in Hawaii who experienced one of the worst fire disasters in history.

We’ll meet up on October 14th, 2023 @ 10 at Columbia Center Mall (behind Firestone), for sign-in, tech check, etc. from here we’ll be sending out vehicles in 3 min intervals starting at or around 12 pm.

You’ll get a set of instructions that will hopefully get you through the 4 check-points. At each check-point you’ll recieve a time check, and possibly some guidance on where you are time wise, and upon completion you’ll get your time checked for the final time.
We can manage up to 40 vehicles for the event, it should be a fun day out and will end at the starting point (behind Firestone at the Mall. Once all have completed we’ll head over to CG Public House that will have food and drinks available to purchase (not included in the entry fee), and do the closing ceremonies, and maybe enjoy a meal or beverage together.

We hope to see you there! Be easy on us, this is supposed to be a fun time to meet others, see some cool vehicles, and maybe make some new friends!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

RattleSnake 4x4s


You can register on the day, or pre register online, however, in order for your pre-registration (below Online Form) to be accepted, you must include participant payment/ticket puchase on our store

Ticket price to enter is $20, although we will gladly accept more donations  as all proceeds go to the fire victims in Lahaina. To make a payment go to our STORE and go to events to purchase a ticket (there are only 40 available).

We encourage additional donations in any amount, and add a message Donation for RS 4x4s Farm & Country Fall Rally.

Pre-Registration Form:

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May Membership Meeting

May Membership Meeting

Hey Gang!

Our next Membership Meeting will be held @ the Greenwood’s Patio/Pool Deck. Regular time 6:30 pm, Business meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Address is;

1612 W 38th Place,
Kennewick, WA 99337

If you get lost, call Lance 509-420-0890

*ALSO:* Please bring your preferred drink(s)/snacks and a folding chair




Hover Meet & Greet

Hover Meet & Greet Run – Come out and meet us!

Years past in nicer weather, overlooking the Columbia River. Hover OHV sets in the SE corner of Benton County, with Finley being the closest town.

We’ll meet tomorrow at Home Depot in Kennewick at 9:30, then leave from there out to Hover. 

When we get there, we’ll take a few minutes get our rigs ready for the trails (air down, disconnect sway bars, check gas), you don’t have to air down your tires out there for the trails, but I like the smoother ride and being ready for obstacle that i decide to tackle.
Remember you can always watch on those areas and go around. We will have a quick drivers meeting to introduce each other, we’ll discuss the tentative plan for the day, where we go and who leads and who brings up the rear.

It will be fun.