onX Trailguides

onX Trailguides

OnX Trailguide

Lance (Livin4Today) volunteered himself to be a onX Trailguide. What you may ask does this mean?

Well he saw an offer to become a trailguide and saw it meant he could get a free Elite Membership, and save on swag, and be able to save friends and family 30% on memberships.

So, going forward we can use & share the following Discount Code for use on the onX stores for memberships or swag…

So with this in mind he’ll need your extra patience and any help folks might give as he re-maps 2 of the trails correctly for onX Off Road in the Tillamook State Forest(Brown’s Camp). The two Jeep Badge Of Honor trails –


Firebreak Five & Cedar Tree

For more information on onX’s Trailguides program or if you’d like to become a trailguide yourself check out this link.


Thanks in advance,


RS 4x4s

Momentum Mobile Tire and Wheel – Saves RS 4×4 Members!

Momentum Mobile Tire and Wheel – Saves RS 4×4 Members!

Over the past couple of years we have been building relationships with vendors when we have a chance to use their services or buy there products. Today I had the pleasure of getting a tire swapped from a bad rim to a new rim, and better yet I had it done at our home by Momentum Mobile Tire and Wheel!

Shawn Lynch is the owner/tech that showed up and swapped the tire out from a broken ICON rim to a new one.

We chatted some and while he worked, I found his knowledge and attention to detail exceeded my hopes. I asked if he’d be interested in doing business with our club and he said yes,

Additionally, Shawn sells tires and wheels and he’ll even work on beadlocks. He has  agreed to offer club members a 10% discount on service, as his pricing on tires and wheels is already below MSRP (he can’t give that 10% on parts), but you’re sure to save and he’ll come to you.

So if you’re anything like me and want to know the guy that does your tire and wheel work, Shawn is the guy to call, check him out online, he has a website and Facebook page. We support and recommend local businesses, that support us and our sport, so give him a shot, you’ll be glad you did. 

Oh and if you know anybody looking for employment I heard Shawn mention wanting to find somebody to run one of his two rigs, so please spred the word…









Yankum Ropes Affiliate

Yankum Ropes Affiliate

Over the past couple of years we have been building our relationships with vendors while visiting events that take us out of state. But one vendor that has stood out and become our friends is YANKUM ROPES.


Many of our club members have made purchases from Yankum over the past few years to include their Tow Points Groove Fairleads to their Tow Points Offset Winch Snatch-Ring XL, their older winch rings, and of course Kinetic Ropes.

We support local "made in America" businesses, that support our sport.


Personally, I was blessed with a gift of a 30 foot Matt's Off-Road Recovery Rope (made by Yankum) by my wife, unfortunately the first time I used it - I ended up with a knot in it at about the 26 foot mark. I happened to be on my way to Sand Hollow to see last year's Wrecker games and stopped by Yankum Ropes and asked if they could either get the knot out or shorten the rope.

I ended up with the only 25 foot Matt's Off-Road Recovery Rope  in existence (that I know of) and couldn't be happier.

I asked Yankum if they contributed to club rallies, etc. and their reply was unfortunately all of their giving was to First Responders/Search & Rescue Teams, but they would consider accepting an affiliate app from the club and they could help us that way.

So please look for us to add Yankum Ropes to our sponsors page, and share our link far and wide, for a 10% savings on all things YANKUM!


Thank you Allen and the whole YANKUM FAMILY!

Use Our Link:


Or Use Code:

RS-4x4s at Yankum's checkout!










Spring Farm & Country Rally 2024

Spring Farm & Country Rally 2024

The Basics:

We’ve decided to do a second rally. Like our first rally last fall, it’s a fun way to get people together around a vehicle event with a positive focus of sharing our love of vehicles/driving, and helping folks less fortunate. Our hope is to encourage folks to join in on our second of such events, and to raise some funds for the family of Trooper Christopher Gadd, 27  who was killed Saturday, March 2, 2024, while on duty.

We’ll meet up on April 6th, 2024 @ 10am at the Richland Uptown, for sign-in, tech check, etc. from here we’ll be sending out vehicles in 2 min intervals starting at or around 12 pm.

You’ll get a set of instructions that will hopefully get you through the 5 or 6 check-points.  At each check-point you’ll receive a time check, and possibly some guidance on where you are time wise, and upon completion you’ll get your time checked for the final time.
We can manage up to 40 vehicles for the event, it should be a fun day out and will end in the Queensgate area. Once all have completed we’ll hold a results ceremony  (location TBD), where food and drinks available to purchase (not included in the entry fee), and do the closing ceremonies, and maybe enjoy a meal or beverage together.

And don’t forget the RAFFLE! We’ll be selling raffle tickets for some sponsor donated items, including an air compressor from our friends at EZ-FLATE, and of course High Five Motorsports will also be represented!

We hope to see you there! Be easy on us, this is supposed to be a fun time to meet others, see some cool vehicles, and maybe make some new friends!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

RattleSnake 4x4s


You can register on the day, or pre register online, however, in order for your pre-registration (below Online Form) to be accepted, you must include participant payment/ticket purchase on our store

Ticket price to enter is $25, although we will gladly accept more donations  as all proceeds go to the family of Trooper Christopher Gadd. To make a payment go to our STORE and go to events to purchase a ticket (there are only 40 available).

We encourage additional donations in any amount, and add a message Donation for RS 4x4s Farm & Country Spring Rally.

Pre-Registration Form:

Mark All That Apply...

2 + 2 =

Jeep Ducking?


What in the Duck Is Jeep Ducking?

The craze sweeping across the worldwide Jeep community all began with one person’s act of kindness.

Stuart A. Bourdon MotorTrend,  Apr 4, 2023

The act of placing a rubber duck on someone’s Jeep—called Jeep “ducking” and/or “Duck Duck Jeep”—began with one person, named Allison Parliament, from a small town in the Canadian province of Ontario. She unknowingly started a movement of kindness, fellowship, and recognition with that first rubber duck she placed on a Jeep.

Allison’s reason for perching a little yellow duck on a Jeep Wrangler just like hers that she saw in a parking lot was simply to bring herself a small sense of joy after a frightening verbal and physical encounter with someone earlier in the day. Two years later, that single gesture has morphed into the Jeep ducking craze that has swept throughout the Jeep enthusiast community in the United States as well as in nearly a dozen other countries around the world.

What are the rules of Duck Duck Jeep or Jeep ducking? Who can duck a Jeep? Is it only for Jeeps? Read on to learn how to be part of the Jeep ducking phenomenon.
(Editor’s Note: Thanks to the “Official Ducking Jeep Est 2020” for the photos in this story)

What Is Jeep Ducking and Why Do Jeeps Get Ducked?

According to Allison Parliament, who is credited with starting the Jeep ducking phenomenon, “Jeeps get ducked for many reasons and with lots of motivations and meanings. For me, it was an act of kindness, a healing of sorts, as well as recognition of and greeting to a fellow Jeep owner. But it can just be that you like their Jeep, or it’s the same Jeep you have, or maybe a classic Jeep you would like to own one day. You don’t really need a reason for Jeep ducking other than to connect, bring a smile to someone’s face, and have fun.”

Is Duck Duck Jeep Just for Jeep Wranglers?

Jeep ducking began as a Jeep Wrangler thing, but you can duck any Jeep. Jeep ducking is all about appreciating another Jeep enthusiast’s rig. The random act of kindness is something that is appropriate for any Jeep model, old or new, rusty or shiny, bone-stock or built-to-the-hilt rockcrawler. Duck Duck Jeep is a game for any and all models of Jeep. Even a child’s Jeep wagon can be ducked.

Are Yellow Rubber Ducks Best for Ducking Jeeps?

The prototypical small, yellow rubber duck (many have subsequently been decorated with the slotted grille motif) is a primary choice for Jeep enthusiasts engaged in the act of Jeep ducking. These rubber ducks are widely available (good if you want to remain anonymous) and relatively inexpensive. They’re also a popular choice for their bright yellow color, making them stand out against just about any Jeep’s paint color, and they’re also easy to write on if you want to leave a message.

Fancy Rubber Ducks, Tags, and Where To Get Them?

The standard yellow rubber duck is abundantly available through any number of sources such as Amazon.com. For those who want to put a little more pizazz in their Jeep ducking adventures, there are also many different upscale and stylish ducks available. The beautiful, rhinestone-studded duck pictured also has a custom-printed tag attached to it. A fancy duck and a tag can create a bespoke duck for your Jeep-ducking activities.

Ready for Ducking Jeeps With Rubber Ducks?

Most duckers may have a few ducks and a marker stashed in their Jeep’s glove box, but Allison Parliament is ready to duck dozens of Jeeps at any given moment. This pile of rubber ducks in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors is a typical load for Allison during her travels to promote the Jeep lifestyle.

What Is a Jeep Duck Pond?

Some Jeep owners have been ducked so many times that they have a large collection of rubber ducks in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes lined up along the top of their Jeep’s dashboard. This collection is known as the “duck pond” in their Jeep. We’ve seen rubber duck collections that fill the dashboard from window to window, and then some.

Allison Parliament, BFGoodrich Ambassador for Jeep Ducking

Allison Parliament is one of the BFGoodrich Ambassador program team members and travels to dozens of major Jeep events across the country to help spread the spirit of Duck Duck Jeep and Jeep ducking among Jeep enthusiasts. Allison and her ducked out silver Jeep Wrangler JKU can be found in the BFGoodrich OnTrail display area at popular Jeep events such as Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. Special BFGoodrich Jeep ducks can also be found in the OnTrail display.

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Newest Club Sponsors

Newest Club Sponsors

Welcome our newest sponsors;

High Five Motorsports & Outdoors



We always encourage our members to patronize our sponsors, before looking elsewhere.

High Five Motorsports & Outdoors


Richland, Wa  99354
(509) 720-8406



Anyone can benefit using our Discount Code and save 10% on orders using RATTLESNAKE10 on your orders.




Becoming a RattleSnake 4x4s Sponsor


This club is about benefiting it’s members, be it by saving money, getting free swag or raffles or giveaways. To that end sponsorship of RattleSnake 4x4s is pretty painless, all that we ask is that a business provide our members (club sticker/card) a nominal discount (10% or better), and be further willing to contribute by providing goods or services for the purpose of club giveaways, contests, and fund raisers once or twice annually.


Sponsors are encouraged to join our forum and share info, answer questions and generally represent their company accordingly, as well as have an open invitation to attend our general membership meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Sponsors are further encouraged to present ideas that further the sport, our club and their business.


Sponsors will be listed with all contact info and a logo if available here, on the forum, and mentioned on our Facebook page so that club & forum members and guests can see which vendors we appreciate most in our area, and beyond, and the advertising value is there for our sponsor. We encourage our members to patronize our sponsors, before looking elsewhere.


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or know of a company that might be willing please let us know by sending us an email to founder@rattlesnake4x4s.com or by PM on Facebook.

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