May Membership Meeting

May Membership Meeting

Hey Gang!

Our next Membership Meeting will be held @ the Greenwood’s Patio/Pool Deck. Regular time 6:30 pm, Business meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Address is;

1612 W 38th Place,
Kennewick, WA 99337

If you get lost, call Lance 509-420-0890

*ALSO:* Please bring your preferred drink(s)/snacks and a folding chair








I’m Lance (Livin4Today), I started my crazy love of rigs many years back as a kid riding in friends and family rigs and loving the outdoors and the access it provided to God’s creation.

However, I didn’t actually own a Jeep until the very last few days of 2011, when I bought this beauty, I call Julia. She was a bone stock Sahara at the time, although within a month she was sporting some new gear. I had promised myself that I wasn’t going go in head first on a vehicle ever again, but Julia kept asking for bigger and better parts, so you might say I indulger her. It took aboult 8 years putting her together a little at at time, I wish I had the talent to save and buy what I really wanted instead of throwing money at “get me by parts” that would eventually get passed along for the huigher end stuff.

Now nearly 10 years of ownership, I’ve got her to where she can do most anything I point her at, but as you’ll find out if you don’t already know – you’re never done building your perfect rig. 

As far as clubs go, I helped create this club after a 3 year stint with another club, and then taking a year off before creating RattleSnake 4x4s. Our ideal was to trim some of the “mandatory items” that I felt held other clubs back, and create a fun club that gets together for fun outings, and keeping our sport alive. Our club has something for most anybody from newbies to experienced wheelers, but it all comes down to good people. I hope you’ll check us out and join us as we continue to explore the great outdoors.




My Rig

2007 Jeep Wrangler JKU Saharicon

Build Goodies

40 ” Milestar Patagonias

17″x 9″ Beadlocks

Fox 2.5 Coilovers w/remotes

Home made sliders

OR Fab Tire Carriers


35 Spline RCVs in Front Composite 35 Spline in the rear

ARB Air Lockers F & R w/5.38 Gears

Warn 8274 Winch

Bestop Trektop NX


LifeFlight Network

LifeFlight Network

LifeFlight Logo
Hey Folks,

Our annual renewal is due tomorrow…

If for any reason you have yet to pay for your renewal please go online and do so now. Yes the price increased, the club is charged $62 per family membership (1 or more people), we have the membership up on our store for $62.50 (to cover the fees we’re charged by Square). The club does not make money from these memberships, so unfortunately we must pass on the costs of this convenience to you.

If you are a new member, and pay for an LFN membership, YOU MUST FILL OUT THE APPLICATION, or we cannot process your membership, LifeFlight’s rules says they must receive an application. We forward all applications to them.

If you happen to already be a member and want to become part of our group please fill out the application with your membership number included (new members will be assigned a number upon enrollment).


RS 4x4s



What are lockers? How can they help? Are there many options?

Clubs across the world hear questions like these from new members and guests at meetings, but since not everybody asks, but many wonder we found a video from Bleepin’ Jeep that helps answer and/or explain these questions and more.

Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

People often question what 4×4 clubs are all about, that could entail a variety of things, but the basics are simply a group of folks that share a common interest in off road and 4 wheel drive vehicles. Members vehicles can be of many different shapes and sizes but all of the vehicle are capable in most any terrain, snow being one of them.

In the past week the Tri-Cities was blanketed with over a foot of snow leaving traveling the road precarious at best. Knowing the potential of possible inclimate weather hitting us here in the Tri-Cities lead the club to discuss and rough out a plan to help local healthcare workers get to and from the hospitals that serve our thriving community.

Calls were put out to two of the area hospitals Trios in Kennewick and Kadlec in Richland, offering our capable rigs (toys) and drivers to deliver their personnel in these conditions. Both hospitals were thrilled with the offer, and we were able to muster 5 rigs to help do just that. Since this past Saturday evening the group has traveled close to 1800+ miles combined for 3 days and nights around the clock, providing 60 rides either to work or back home.

For the club members participating it was a nice way to give back to our community, and maybe help change people’s minds as to how 4×4 clubs like ours can lend a helping hand besides traveling through forest roads, mountains, and deserts. We hope to sit down with hospital leadership when things thaw out to formalize this help for future storms.

The rides were offered free of charge although we did receive some donations to help offset the cost of such and operation. Things went so well we caught the eyes and ears of local news too, see the clips below.

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