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RattleSnake 4x4s started after being involved in other clubs…

Having been in clubs both abroad and locally, we saw a need for a club with more flexibility. Let’s face it everybody is so busy these days, nobody has time for mandatory meetings or runs, and clubs of all kinds are dying trying to keep the members they have, let alone recruit new members. So we created a club with less stringent rules in January of 2016, and have maintained a steady base of families since. We are also open to others joining in our adventures.

Flexibility & Trust = Good Times

About Us

No mandatory runs, or meetings, just pay your dues and act accordingly and life is good.

I’m sure that may sound crazy, but it works. We have a great bunch of members who work well together, to make sure everybody has a good time. Now the crazier ideas we started the club with, mixing street and off-rod rigs, even allowing side by sides at one point have mostly fell by the wayside.

We are an all 4×4 club (you gotta have a transfer case), open to all brands, ironically most of our members drive Jeeps in differing models and years. We are essentially a 21 and over club, but have provisions for younger wheelers (with some caveats). We have a range of differing driving levels but have taken a majority of the club through some pretty interesting terrain, with very few problems.

We camp during many trips, sometimes it’s a base camp, other times it’s on the trail. And we’re considering some overland adventures, where we’ll camp on the trail. We’re looking at the Washington Back Roads Discovery Route (BDR) currently, offering up nearly 600 miles of scenic wonder between Oregon and Canada driving along the Cascades with very little pavement.

We might be a good match, if you’re looking for a club to get involved with but you’ll never know until you check us out.

Building Memories

Having fun with good friends wheelin’ trumps staying home alone everytime. Helping our community when needed is another bonus!

No Distance Is too Far

Every year we try and schedule a long distance trip, over multiple days to check out some epic trails around the country.


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About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

We know how to have fun

Tread Lightly

Staying on the trail, keeps our trails open. Venturing off the trail, causes our limited trails to be closed.

Leave It Clean

We’re strong believers in cleaning up after ourself, but often find others haven’t. Pack out what you pack in.

Epic journeys

Every trip has a story, some good some not. But to be part of the story you have got to take the trip..

Get Off The Couch, Let’s Roll

Getting out into God’s creation is a blessing that will make your life and those of your family more fun and exciting.

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